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The annual report 2015 is the first integrated report of the Company. The report includes financial, operating, and non-financial indicators, which provide a complex overview of the Company activities, including in the field of sustainable development.

The report presents the main activities of PJSC MOESK in Moscow region in 2015, plans for 2016 and mid-term perspectives. The focus is also made on the environmental and social aspects, which form an integral part of the Company activities.

The integrated report was prepared in compliance with the Russian law on reports of public joint stock companies. The financial information is based on the financial accounting data prepared according to the RAS and Consolidated Reports based on IFRS for 2015. The full versions of RAS and IFRS reports are available at PJSC MOESK web site (www.moesk.ru).

This integrated report represents Company’s first report prepared following the principles and methods of G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines by Global Reporting Initiative (further referred to as GRI G4 Guidelines) with inclusion of additional industryspecific indicators of non-financial reporting as recommended for electric power sector companies (Electric Utilities Sector Disclosures). The disclosure level is Primary. The report scope is limited to the executive bodies and 10 branch offices of PJSC MOESK without subsidiaries and dependent companies. The table with the complete list of aspects covered by the report and the pages presenting the corresponding indicators are included into Annex 5.1 — GRI Content References. The previous report on the activities in the field of sustainable development was issued in 2013 to present the results achieved by the Company in 2012.

Thus, this integrated report is a balanced and justified presentation of the significant economic, social, and environmental aspects of activities, which determine the sustainable development indicators of PJSC MOESK.

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