Key Events in the Reporting Year and Events after the Report Date

  • JANUARY 23, 2015

    MOESK launched a project for implementation of intelligent distribution grids. The pilot sites were deployed across the 20 kV electric grids in the 22nd region of Moscow Cable Networks branch and 6-10 kV grids in Mozhaisky and Ruzsky Power Grids Region of the Western branch of MOESK.

  • FEBRUARY 2, 2015

    MOESK provided technological connection for “Matreshka” business center (within “Skolkovo” innovation center).

  • FEBRUARY 4, 2015

    The governance quality rating of MOESK was upgraded by Expert RA rating agency to A++. gq (“Exceptionally high level of governance quality”).

  • FEBRUARY 5, 2015

    MOESK launched the “Presnya” cable tunnel for 220kV overhead cable line “Matveevskaya — Presnya, chain 1, 2”.

  • FEBRUARY 16, 2015

    The analytical system for support of management decision-making process based on the SAP platform was given the top award in the category “Innovations. Mobile Solutions” at SAP Quality Awards 2014.

  • FEBRUARY 17, 2015

    MOESK launched the first pilot project proposed by the winners in the contest of innovative solutions “Energy Breakthrough —‚ 2014” which was organized by Rosseti OJSC and its partner — a cluster of energy efficient technologies owned by “Skolkovo” Fund.

  • MARCH 16, 2015

    Sergey Sobyanin, Moscow Mayor, opened the key 220 kV “Babushkin” station owned by MOESK following the revamp completion in the northeast of Moscow.

  • APRIL 1, 2015

    MOESK celebrated its 10th anniversary.

  • APRIL 8, 2015

    The Board of Directors of MOESK approved the draft of revised investments program of the Company for 2015 and 2016-2020.

  • APRIL 8, 2015

    Moody’s rating agency confirmed the credit rating of MOESK at the Ba2 level.

  • APRIL 13, 2015

    MOESK achievements were recognized by the high award of SAP CIS for the COMPASS project — SAP Excellence Award 2014 in the category SAP Mobility.

  • APRIL 29, 2015

    MOESK notified about successful closing of book building for exchange-traded bonds with BO-07 series for the total amount of 7 bln rubles.

  • MAY 5, 2015

    MOESK signed the first contract on technological connections using digital signature and online payment.

  • MAY 6, 2015

    Exchange-traded bonds of MOESK with BO-07 series for the total amount of 7 bln rubles were placed on CJSC Stock Exchange MICEX through open subscription.

  • MAY 8, 2015

    MOESK won the golden medal and award “For Preservation and Restoration of Natural Environment” in the contest “Top 100 Russian Companies. Ecology and Environmental Management”.

  • MAY 15, 2015

    MOESK completed revamp of 110/35/10/6 kV “Kubinka” station.

  • MAY 21, 2015

    Public hearings on the MOESK investment program for Moscow for the period 2015-2020 were held as part of the meeting organized by the Municipal Services and Housing Policy Committee of Moscow City Council.

  • MAY 25, 2015

    Moscow City Council held the public hearings for the investment program for the period 2015-2020.

  • MAY 29, 2015

    MOESK joined the Anticorruption Charter of Russian Business.

  • JUNE 11, 2015

    MOESK signed an agreement with the Moscow Region Government on cooperation in the field of HR training.

  • JUNE 11, 2015

    The Board of Directors of MOESK approved target programs for improvement of electric power supply to consumers of Novaya Moskva branch

  • JUNE 18, 2015

    MOESK signed a cooperation agreement with VTB bank and “Gazprombank”.

  • JUNE 24, 2015

    MOESK held the annual General Meeting of Shareholders.

  • JUNE 29, 2015

    Oleg Budargin, Director General of PJSC «Rosseti», was reelected to the position of Chairman of the MOESK Board of Directors.

  • JULY 9, 2015

    Revamp of 220 kV overhead cable line (OCL) “Matveevskaya — Presnya 1, 2” was completed in Moscow. The project improved the reliability of power supply and the quality of electric power feeding the consumers in the entire western district of Moscow, including Moscow City district.

  • AUGUST 3, 2015

    The portal for technological connections of MOESK clients was upgraded.

  • AUGUST 6, 2015

    MOESK organized a technological connection for the buildings of federal perinatal center.

  • SEPTEMBER 8, 2015

    MOESK launched a new form of feedback — Forum for clients where the Company specialists provide online consultations.

  • SEPTEMBER 9, 2015

    MOESK organized a technological connection for the largest Moscow Cathedral Mosque.

  • SEPTEMBER 16, 2015

    MOESK reduced the timeframe children’s hospital in Podolsk. required for connection of consumers with LV capacity (up to 150 kV) to 80 days.

  • SEPTEMBER 18, 2015

    MOESK successfully completed repayment of bonded loan on bonds with BO-01 series for the total value of 5 bln rubles.

  • SEPTEMBER 29, 2015

    MOESK completed another revamp stage of 110/10/6 kV “Koptevo” station.

  • OCTOBER 2, 2015

    Fitch Ratings confirmed the rating of MOESK at the BB+ level, Outlook Stable.

  • OCTOBER 26, 2015

    MOESK successfully completed repayment of bonded loan on bonds with BO-02 series for the total value of 5 bln rubles.

  • OCTOBER 28, 2015

    MOESK reforms in the technological connections contributed to upgrading Russia to the 3rd position in the World Bank rating Doing Business-2016. Russia made a significant breakthrough in the category “Getting Electricity” by being upgraded to rank 29. In terms of technological connection simplicity, over the year Russia dramatically improved its ranking by 24 points due to the new methods. Moscow received 8 points on the reliability of supply and transparency of tariffs index, which is the highest possible ranking awarded by the experts.

  • NOVEMBER 10, 2015

    MOESK completed the project on migration from the solution of a foreign developer to the Russian service management platform — Naumen Service Desk. The return on MOESK investment into the project was 300% per the year.

  • NOVEMBER 10, 2015

    MOESK provided additional power supply capacity to the Shalom Theater.

  • NOVEMBER 23, 2015

    The project on development of charging infrastructure for electrical motor vehicles “MOESK-EV” was awarded the 2nd prize in the Russian National Contest of Mass Media, Press Services and regional Administrations — “MediaTEK”.

  • NOVEMBER 25, 2015

    The activities on technological connection of CSKA sports field in Moscow were completed by MOESK for 90%. /p>

  • DECEMBER 2, 2015

    MOESK and “OPORA Rossii” introduced a new publishing project “How to Become a MOESK Supplier”.

  • DECEMBER 2, 2015

    MOESK filed an application to the Moscow Arbitration Court for termination of power supply transmission agreement with OJSC “Oboronenergosbyt”.

  • DECEMBER 3, 2015

    A new service was launched in Moscow for small and medium businesses — courier delivery of documents on technological connections.

  • DECEMBER 10, 2015

    Representatives of the largest global auto groups tested the compatibility of their vehicles with the network of charging stations in the Moscow area — “MOESK-EV”.

  • DECEMBER 10, 2015

    The Board of Directors made a resolution to establish the Moscow HV Grids branch. The branch was established through the merger of existing Central Electric Networks branch and HV Cable Networks branch.

  • DECEMBER 16, 2015

    MOESK organized a reliable power supply for the new MOESK reduced the timeframe children’s hospital in Podolsk.

  • DECEMBER 26, 2015

    Andrey Vorobiev, Governor of Moscow Region, opened the Grids Management Center of MOESK branch in Noginsk.

  • DECEMBER 29, 2015

    MOESK won the VII city contest “Best Company for Working Mothers”.

  • DECEMBER 2015

    Over 6 thous. schoolchildren attended the open lessons organized by MOESK as part of its charitable project “Good Electricity for Children”.

  • 12 JANUARY 2016

    MOESK launched a new interactive service for its clients: free sms or e-mail notifications about scheduled electric power shutdown.

  • 13 JANUARY 2016

    MOESK won the category “City Environment” in the contest “National Environmental Award named after V. I. Vernadsky”.

  • JANUARY 14, 2016

    RAEX confirmed the MOESK rating at the level (“Exceptionally high level of governance quality”).

  • FEBRUARY 5, 2016

    MOESK completed construction of 220 kV cable line “Avtozavodskaya- Yuzhnaya 4, 5” in the southern region of Moscow.

  • FEBRUARY 10, 2016

    MOESK successfully completed repayment of bonded loan on bonds with BO-03 series for the total value of 5 bln rubles.

  • FEBRUARY 17, 2016

    MOESK revamped 100 kV “Fryazino” station in Fryazino town.

  • MARCH 3, 2016

    The Board of Directors of MOESK reelected Sinyutin, Petr Alekseevich, the Company’s Director General, for a new term (3 years) till February 4, 2019 inclusive.

  • MARCH 18, 2016

    Moody’s Interfax Rating Agency, a subsidiary of Moody’s Investors Service international rating agency, informed about revocation of all nation-scale ratings awarded to the Russian issuers, including MOESK’s long-term credit quality rating according to the nation scale of level А The agency’s resolution to revoke nationscale ratings will not affect the ratings awarded according to the international scale.

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