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Public Joint-Stock Company Moscow United Electric Grid Company (hereinafter referred to as PJSC MOESK or the Company) was established through restructuring as a result of spin-off from JSC “Mosenergo” on April 1, 2005. The head office of the Company is located in Moscow.

As of December 31, 2015, the structure of PJSC MOESK includes 10 branches, the Company group includes 4 subsidiaries.

The main types of Company activities are transmission and distribution of electric power, technological connections of consumers to the power grids.

The total amount of Company capital as of December 31, 2015 was 332,749,590 thous. rubles with 57.4% being represented by the equity capital (190,988,390 thous. rubles) and 42.6% being represented by borrowed capital (141,761,200 thous. rubles).

Establishment of a New Branch — Moscow HV Grids

Operation of high voltage equipment rated for 35 kV and above in Moscow in 2015 was performed by the following two branches of PJSC MOESK:

  • Central Electric Networks (overhead lines and 35-220 kV station equipment);
  • HV Cable Networks (110-500 kV cable lines).

Considering that this equipment relates to a single process chain, establishment of a new united branch for servicing HV grids on the basis of the above two branches in Moscow will deliver the following advantages:

1. Establishment of a unified competence center for HV grid assets management in Moscow;

2. Improved reliability of power supply to consumers;

3. Optimization of management structure;

4. Reduction of operating costs.

Structure of Electric Grids Assets

Line classification by location:
overall length of overhead power transmission lines, km (total), including:
by circuits 66,562.8 68,861.0 71,712.5 4.1%
by routes 59,645.4 61,798.0 64,675.1 4.7%
overall length of overhead powercabel lines, km (total) 72,692.6 73,447.4 76,931.2 4.7%
Line classification by voltage (with breakdown to by circuits or by route):
HV transmission lines, km 17,015.9 17,008.8 16,369.9 -3.8%
Distribution lines, km 122,239.5 125,299.5 132,273.8 5.6%
Total number of HV feed centers, ea. 608 608 610 0.3%
Installed power of HV feed centers, MVA 47,291.0 48,416.3 49,572.2 2.4%
Total number of distribution grid substations, ea. 29,664 31,624 36,143 14.3%
Installed power of distribution grid substations, MVA 22,092.6 22,957.3 24,963.9 8.7%

Similar data with breakdown to Moscow and Moscow region is presented in Annex 5.9.

The increase in the length of distribution grids, the number and power rating of distribution grid substations is associated with fulfillment of obligations for technological connection of consumers and consolidation of electrical grid facilities.

overall length of overhead powercabel lines
thous. km (total)


Total number of distribution grid substations
thous. ea


Installed power of distribution grid substations

24 963,9

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