Market Position and Development Prospects

PJSC MOESK provides services on transmission of electric power and technological connections of consumers to the electric grids in the Moscow area, which includes two constituent entities of the Russian Federation (Moscow and Moscow region) and concentrates a significant part of the national demographic and economic potential of the country.

Market Overview

In consideration of electric power transmission ПАО «МОЭСК» services, PJSC MOESK performs settlements with the power supply companies (guaranteed power suppliers, power companies, direct consumers) and grid companies (LGOs, PJSC FGC of UES) according to the electric power transmission tariffs established by the Moscow Regional Energy Committee and Moscow Region Pricing and Tariffing Committee..

Main Consumers
of Company Services

Competitors and Competitive Advantages

PJSC MOESK is one of the largest inter-regional distribution companies in the Russian Federation and the largest distribution company in the Moscow area.

Power transmission

Among the largest companies providing similar services in Moscow are JSC United Energy Company (JSC UEC) and JSC “Energokompleks”, in Moscow region - JSC Moscow Region Power Grid Company (JSC “Mosoblenergo”), OJSC “Oboronenergo”, CJSC “Elektrosetekspluatatsia”, Minicipal Unitary Enterprise “Kolomenskaya Elektroset”, Municipal Enterprise of Schelkovsky district “Schelkovskie Elektroseti”, Minicipal Unitary Enterprise “Podolskaya Elektroset”.

Technological connections

Among the largest companies performing similar activities in Moscow are JSC United Energy Company (JSC UEC) and JSC “Energokompleks”, in Moscow region — JSC Moscow Region Power Grid Company (JSC “Mosoblenergo”), OJSC “Odintsovskaya Elektroset”, OJSC “Oboronenergo”, CJSC “Elektrosetekspluatatsia”.


  • Well-developed grid infrastructure with 0.4-220 kV rating in the Russian Federation region with the highest growth dynamics.
  • Dominant position in electric power transmission market.
  • Possibility to arrange electric power supply with any level of reliability.
  • Developed structure of operative and technological grid management.
  • Developed network of customer service centers for provision of technological connections.


  • Increase of market share due to fast development of grid infrastructure and acquisition of territorial grid companies of the second level.
  • Improvement of reliability and economic efficiency of grids due to implementation of smart grid technologies.
  • Reduction of losses due to implementation of commercial metering system.
  • Generation of additional revenues from non-regulated activities.
  • Improvement of operating efficiency due to implementation of cost-cutting potential and increased labor output.

Comparison of PJSC MOESK with Peer Companies Based on Results of the Reporting Year

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