Improvement of Reliability

Commentary-interview the First Deputy Director General — Engineering Director V. E. Ivanov

Did the Company manage to achieve its main objectives in terms of reliability improvement in 2015?

I can say with confidence that the Technical Department of the Company successfully completed the tasks associated with achievement of specified reliability indicators. We managed not only to reduce the number of technological violations (16.5% decrease against 2014), but we also succeeded in improvement of such important indicators as the average period of technological violations (6.5% decrease against 2014) and volume of non-supplied electric power (31% decrease against 2014).

What activities did you perform to achieve these indicators?

Surely, such achievements became possible due to 100% fulfillment of the repair program with 4,970 mln rubles budget, program for replacement of conventional wires with self-supporting insulated conductors, targeted tree-cutting program in the locations where the trees create risks for the line integrity.

How did the current situation impact the progress of reliability improvement programs?

In the current situation, the Company has to be even more focused on efficient application of its financial resources, cut its expenses on procurement of materials and spare parts.

In 2015, the economic situation forced us to optimize our costs. On the one hand, it creates certain limitations for the companies operating in the electric grids sector, but on the other hand, it is an opportunity to optimize our internal business processes to achieve maximum efficiency of operations.

What are the main goals for 2016 in terms of reliability improvement?

The main goals in this sphere are 100% completion of repair program with the budget of 5,187 mln rubles, reduction of incident occurrence rate in connection with relay protection and automation equipment failure.

The main activities of our Department in 2016, as always, will focus on ensuring reliable operation of electrical grid facilities, improvement of energy efficiency, modernization of grid assets, and qualification improvement for operation personnel assigned to perform electrical equipment operation and repair tasks.

Dynamics of Reliability Indicators

Category 2013 2014 2015 2015/ 2014
Number of technological violations (incidents) ea. 7,357 7,799 6,516 -16.5
Average frequency of electric power transmission loss (Psaifi ) in Moscow /Moscow region* ea. - 0.0065/ 0.4308 0.0064/ 0.2264 -1.5/ -47.4
Average duration of electric power transmission loss (Psaidi) hour in Moscow /Moscow region* - 0.0067/ 0.5369 0.0065/ 0.3967 -3.0/ -26.1
Average duration of technological violationin the grids rated for 0.4 kV and above hour 1.84 1.08 1.01 -6.5
Number of technological non-compliances (incidents) / 1000 conventional units ea./1000 c.u. 5.70 5.47 4.41 -19.4
Volume of non-supplied power mln kW·h 1.34 1.40 0.96 -31.4
Total economic damages RUB mln 148.7 423.7 329.5 -22.2

Information on the Main Reliability Improvement Programs Implemented in 2015

Over the year, the Company performed activities to bring the cleared strips in the forest in compliance with the regulatory requirements on the total area of 36.6 ha along the 35-220 kV overhead power lines and with the total length 495 km along the 6-10 kV overhead power lines.

The Company cleared 3,828 ha of land along the 0.4-220 kV power lines from trees and bushes.

The Company cut 166,399 trees creating hazard due to the possibility of their falling on the electric grids of, PJSC MOESK.

Additionally, the Company completed the program on installation of automatic sectionalizing points in 6-10 kV distribution grids (181 units were installed) and performed technical inspection of:

  • 116 stations rated for 35-220 kV;
  • 268 overhead lines rated for 35-220 kV;
  • 11 cable lines rated for 110 kV;
  • 2,602 facilities along the distribution grids;

  • The Company started activities for arrangement of process monitoring at PJSC MOESK electric power facilities to be used during the World Cup 2018 and information transmission to the Situation Analysis Center (SAC) of World Cup 2018 in Moscow and Moscow region based on the SAC of PJSC MOESK.

    In order to reduce the time period of repair and restoration activities on 35-220 kV power lines, in 2015 the Company installed 14 microprocessor- based fault locators (FL) on the transmission lines

    In 2015, PJSC MOESK continued implementation of its Mobile Work Teams project. The Company established 553 mobile work teams with special vehicles and equipment as required for repair and maintenance of distribution grids.

    Fulfillment of Repair Program

    Costs of repair, RUB mln (total)

    Types of repair program, RUB mln

    Due to increase in the scope of repair program relative to 2014 in connection with additional repair work on 0.4-220 kV overhead power line, repair of transformer stations (enclosed TS, packaged TS, distribution station), and 0.4-220 kV cable lines, the level of planned and actually completed volumes for these work types in 2015 was lower than 2014 (the data is specified in the table).

    In order to ensure rational utilization of repair capacities by the Company in general, certain additional work volumes were performed with engagement of contractors: activities for improvement of electrical grid equipment reliability during preparation for and duration of FWP 2015/16, repair of equipment at stations and distribution stations, and performance of certain activities in accordance with the orders given by the supervisory authorities.

    1 - in compliance with item 8. of Guidelines on Calculation of Quality and Reliability Level of Goods Supplied and Services Delivered for Organization Managing the Unified National (Russian) Electric Grid and Local Grid Operators approved by Order of Russian Ministry of Energy No. 718 dated October 14, 2013, the calculation of indicative reliability level indicators for delivered services Psaidi and Psaifi shall be performed starting from 2014.

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