Interaction with Authorities and Public Organizations

One of the main achievements of the Company’s Public Relations Division was establishment of partner relations between the Company and authorities at the regional and municipal levels, regional departments of national public organizations, which contributed to creation of favorable environment for the Company operation.

The main forms of Company activities in 2015 were as follows:

  • organization of personal communication with representatives of authorities, public organizations for establishment and development of strong and mutually beneficial relations;
  • organization of public hearings in Moscow City Council and Moscow region Council dedicated to the revised draft investment program of PJSC MOESK for 2015-2020;
  • organization of inauguration ceremonies (visits) for the new facilities of PJSC MOESK attended by the representatives of RF Ministry of Energy, Moscow and Moscow region Governments (including visit of Deputy Minister of Energy V. Kravchenko to the client service center Moskovsky (New Moscow); commissioning of 220/10/6 kV station “Babushkin” after large-scale revamp project which was attended by Moscow Mayor S. Sobyanin; opening of new Grids Control Center in Eastern Electrical Grids branch of PJSC MOESK which was attended by Moscow region Governor A. Vorobiev, etc.);
  • participation of PJSC MOESK representatives in events organized by the authorities and controlling agencies (video conference in the Moscow region Government House dedicated to the Current Issues in the Field of Connections to the Electric Grids in Moscow region; participation in the round table dedicated to the Connections to Engineering Networks: Opportunities, Trends, Perspectives and organized in the framework of conference and exhibition “Energy-Efficient Moscow Area”; speech delivered by PJSC MOESK Director General P. Sinyutin at the research-to-practice conference in Moscow region Council dedicated to the Implementation of the Uniform Tariff Policy in the Course of Connection of Small and Medium Businesses to Electric Grids, etc.).

Over the years, the Company organized over 20 major public events which contributed to formation of favorable environment for PJSC MOESK operation.

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