Public Relations

MOESK performs its Public Relations activities in line with the provisions of the Uniform Information Policy of PJSC «Rosseti».

Social Communications

“Legal Kilowatt”

In the framework of this project, MOESK performed inspections to identify cases of electric power consumption without contract and metering, raise awareness of the population, which contributed to achievement of the strategic Company objective — reduction of electric power losses during transmission.

“Kind Electricity to Children”

In 2015 over 6 thous. schoolchildren participated in the charitable event “Good Electricity to Children”. PJSC MOESK specialists organized 125 open lessons dedicated to Electrical Safety in the schools of Moscow region.

MOESK-EV Project

In line with the growing interest in this subject on behalf of the Moscow Government, the key objective of the Company in 2015 was to organize efficient interaction and coordinate the initiatives proposed by the energy companies and authorities in connection with the city program “Electric Vehicles”, while maintaining MOESK’s status of the leading expert in this field. Based on the achieved results, from 2015 the MOESK-EV network will be expanded due to installation of charging stations on municipal parking lots in Moscow.

Internet Communication

In 2015, the Company continues development of its Internet communication channels.

In September 2015, the Company launched its novelty project — Client Forum dedicated to technological connections and electric power supply where the users can ask questions online on any subjects of their interest, from application processing status and electric power quality to the current amendment of law. MOESK experts in various fields respond to these questions on the forum, with the maximum response time being 3 days. This tool considerably increases the speed of interaction with the clients and provision of feedback. During the period from September to December 2015, the Company posted 182 answers on over 100 subjects. The popularity of the new service is demonstrated by the number of views: as of late December, the counter reached approximately 133 thous. views.

In 2015, the Company implemented additional modern tools for interaction with the client based on the Technological Connections Portal, specifically: subscription to notifications about scheduled power outage, possibility to pay for technological connection services, re-assignment (re-issue) of documents on technological connection, payment for various additional services.

Communication with Mass Media

Commentary-interview of the Director of Public Relations Division L. Dusheina

In 2016, the Company’s efforts will focus on ensuring the Company’s openness to authorities at various levels and the general public in connection with development and implementation of PJSC MOESK investment program, which, in our opinion, shall ensure mutual understanding and sustainable development of the Company in the short-term perspective, according to Director for External Communications — Director of Public Relations Division Lyudmila Dusheina.

In 2016, we will focus our efforts on improvement of information availability regarding the services and offerings of PJSC MOESK for consumers and on increase in transparency in the course of investment program and procurement process implementation. The Company will focus not only on the published media but on visual and informative materials as well: infographics, advertising modules, banners. These formats shall be used by PJSC MOESK to deliver large volumes of information and explain complicated subjects to the target audience. The Company will continue participating in congresses and exhibitions to demonstrate its best practices. In terms of social communication, the Company’s focus will be on maintaining efficient and prompt feedback for the service consumers, including via Internet communication and social networks.

To improve the transparency of business processes and deliver maximum volume of information to the target audience about the entire spectrum of its activities, the Company actively cooperates with the mass media companies at all levels and in various formats: from regular distribution of press releases to organization of press events.

Main Subjects of Publications in the Reporting Year

Category 2013 2014 2015 2015/2014
Number of mentions of the Company in mass media, ea. (total), including the following subjects: 14.528 14,703 19,473 32.4
Implementation of investment program 1.162 1,191 1,314 9.3
Progress of repair campaign 1.888 1,882 1,984 5.4
Dealing with difficult seasonal phenomena 1.017 1,041 1,079 3.7
Number of issued press releases, ea. 679 690 676 -2.0

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