Health and Safety

PJSC MOESK developed and implemented the following target action plans for decreasing the occurrence of work-related injuries:

1. Program for Reduction of Injury Occurrence of OJSC MOESK Personnel and Third Parties at the Company’s Electric Grid Facilities for 2014-20171.
2. Program of Additional Activities for Reduction of Injury Risk for Third Parties at the Company’s Electric Grid Facilitiessup>2.
3. Program for Reduction of Injury Risk for Third Parties within the Scope of Responsibility of OJSC MOESK for 2013-20153.

Dynamics of Labour Safety Costs per One Employee

Category 2013 2014 2015 2015/
Costs per one employee, RUB without VAT (total), including: 26,080 23,760 26,610 12.0%
provision of personal protection equipment to personnel 14,830 14,270 16,640 16.6%
other labour safety activities 11,250 9,500 9,970 4.9%

Dynamics of Labor Safety Costs, RUB mln without VAT

Structure of Costs for Occupational Health Activities in 2015

Work-Related Injuries

Category 2013 2014 2015 2015/2014
Accident, ea. (total), including: 4 3 6 100.0%
By types of accidents:
road accident 0 1 1 0.0%
electrical injury 3 0 1 100.0%
falling on surfaces 0 0 2 -
object falling 0 1 0 -100.0%
others 1 1 2 100.0%
By severity degree:
death 0 0 0 0.0%
severe and moderate consequences 4 3 6 100.0%
Wok time loss due to work-related injuries (LTIFR28), r.u. 3,79 1,23 0,47 -0.76 r.u.

The increase in the number of accidents in 2015 is attributable to registration of all injuries (including those which occurred through no fault of the Employer), including falling on the slippery surface and road accidents through the fault of the third party. The main cause of falling was negligence of the injured people moving on the territory outside PJSC MOESK control.

No occupational diseases of PJSC MOESK employees were identified.

Activities for Prevention of Injuries of Third Parties

Prevention of child electrical injury

  • With the support of the Moscow Department of Education and Moscow Region Ministry of Education, the Company arranged around 120 open lessons dedicated to electric safety which were attended by over 6 thous children and teachers of Moscow region in the framework of the charitable campaign “Good Electricity to Children”. The campaign was approved by Moscow Mayor S. S. Sobyanin and Moscow Region Governor A. Yu. Vorobiev;
  • Souvenirs with the characters of the popular cartoon Fiksiki (posters, bookmarks, coloring books, etc.) warning about importance of electric safety were produced and distributed (during lessons) in schools and kindergartens;
  • September 1 to 15 of 2015, a campaign was organized for the employees of PJSC MOESK: “Hang a poster — save a child’s life”. The employees distributed 1,000 posters with electric safety rules in educational institutions of Moscow region;
  • An educational video on electric safety, safety promotion visuals, lesson structure, handout materials for printing were posted on the web site of PJSC MOESK in the section “Good Electricity to Children”. Notifications about free access to the materials on the web site for organization of lessons were made in the press releases and publication in the mass media sources on a regular basis;
  • Letters on arrangement of seminars for teachers were sent to the Moscow Mayor and Moscow Region Governor. The Company held 5 seminars which were attended by approximately 120 teachers;
  • Internet users can submit an electronic application for participation in the seminar and post a review after the seminar on the Company’s web site;
  • All graphic materials to be used by teachers and parents for organization of lessons (posters, timetables, coloring books, etc.) can be downloaded from the Company’s web site in the section “Good Electricity to Children” at press/spec_projects/dobroeel/;
  • With the support of the Moscow and Moscow Region Government, the Company organized public service advertising in May and September 2015: broadcasting of video “Electric Safety of Minors” on the TV channels “360”, “Moscow 24”, “Doverie”, in minibuses equipped with bus TV sets “Marshrut TV” (87 lines in Moscow) every hour;
  • The structure of lesson organization was published in the official magazine of Russian EMERCOM “Health and Safety” in November 2015.

Prevention of third party injuries

  • Before commencement of the summer season, a publication, audio information and video were posted on the web sites of municipal administrations and in mass media to warn about the danger of fishing and performance of unauthorized activities near the power lines;
  • 2,700 posters warning about the danger of fishing near electric power facilities and in exclusion zones of power lines, violation with the boating rules near power lines were prepared and distributed. The posters were hung on the information stands of summer house communities in Moscow area with the support of the Center of State Inspectorate for Small Vessels in Moscow region — in inspection departments and offices, boat stations, recreation camps;
  • A series of posters (1,000 ea.) and leaflets (5,000 ea.) to inform about exclusion zones of power lines, stickers (10,000 ea.) were produced. The materials were hung on the supports and stations (stickers), on the information stands of summer house communities, garages (posters), distributed among directors of motor transport companies in municipal entities (posters and leaflets);
  • Posters informing about exclusion zones of power lines were hung in all Client Service Centers of PJSC MOESK. A video was prepared for broadcasting on the plasma TV panels, broadcasting was organized;
  • PJSC MOESK field tested the form of visual promotion material distribution in the framework of public service advertising. Relevant documentation packages were prepared and submitted to the Moscow Department of Mass Media and Advertising and to the Main Directorate for Information Policy in Moscow region. Social video and audio materials, billboards, audio advertising were prepared in accordance with the results of this work and presented to the general public in May and September 2015:

    in Moscow:

    • audio material on the radio “Govorit Moskva”, audio advertising in subway cars;
    • billboards along the motor roads, on the arch above subway escalators;
    • advertising in the Metro newspaper.

    in Moscow region:
    from December 1, 2014 to March 1, 2015 PJSC MOESK launched a project for electric safety in the public transport.

    A trolleybus with images demonstrating electric safety rules was driving in Podolsk for 3 months:
    audio on the radio station “Podmoskovie”;
    billboards along motor roads

    The scope of audience reach with consideration of subway passengers is approximately 7 mln people;

  • A video on exclusion zones was prepared in cooperation with OKSION (Russian National Integrated Population Notification and Warning System). From 2015, following the agreement with EMERCOM, the video is broadcast once every hour on a regular basis: 115 addresses in Moscow, including all airports, train stations, 20 addresses in Moscow, and in all Client Service Center of PJSC MOESK;
  • 4 raids were performed to identify non-compliances in the exclusion zones near the power lines with media coverage by journalists;
  • Scheduled and non-scheduled walk-downs and inspections were performed for 0.4-10 kV overhead power lines and 6-10/0.4 kV transformer station, earthing devices and electrical installations of PJSC MOESK were checked.

Prevention of third party access to the electrical facilities

  • Perimeter fencing around branch facilities were revamped in accordance with the approved plans;
  • The facilities of the Company’s branches were equipped with video surveillance and alarm systems.

Prevention of contractor’s personnel injuries

  • The Company ensured compliance with the “Regulations on Access of Contractors and Subcontractors to Work on Power Lines, Stations and General Construction and Repair Activities at OJSC MOESK Facilities and on Access of Travelling Personnel for Performance of Work on Electrical Installation of OJSC MOESK under Operation, Construction, Revamp, Modernization” approved by the Order of OJSC MOESK dated September 30, 2014 and compliance with OJSC MOESK Order No. 71 dated February 4, 2013 On Amendment of Typical Subcontracts and Order No. 161 dated February 17, 2014 On Approval of Typical Subcontracts on Equipment Repair and Maintenance;
  • Photographic materials on injuries at PJSC MOESK were included into induction briefing program for contractor employees.

Occupational Safety Plans for 2016

1. Special assessment of work conditions in compliance with the Federal Law On Special Assessment of Work Conditions.
2. Implementation of target programs for reduction of injury occurrence rate among Company employees and third parties.
3. Arrangement of contest for best organization of occupational safety activities between PJSC MOESK branches.
4. Creation of database with films on accidents and injury hazard situations.
5. Repair of premises and installation of appliances and furniture in sanitary and staff rooms.
6. Personnel training as a part of internal and external occupational safety training.

1 Approved by the Resolution of the Board of Directors dated June 24, 2014 (minutes No. 234).
1 Approved by Order of OJSC MOESK No. 1100 dated September 30, 2014.
3 Approved by Order of OJSC MOESK No. 669 dated July 5, 2013.
4 LTIFR (Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate) is calculated as (number of work hours lost due to injuries*200,000) / total work time fund of all Company employees; measured in relative units — r.u.

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