Social Policy

Commentary-interview of the Deputy Director General for HR and Administrative Matters O. P. Chaus

What were the most significant events of the year? Did you manage to fulfill all the tasks set for 2015?

All the objectives for 2015 in terms of social policy were achieved.

The Company developed and approved the Collective Agreement for three years (2015-2017). The terms of this agreement correspond to the Electric Power Sector Remuneration Tariff Agreement (EPSRTA) and in terms of many indicators even exceed the requirements of EPSRTA. The achievements of PJSC MOESK were recognized with multiple awards at the annual Russian National Contest “Russian Company with High Social Efficiency” in the categories “For Development of Social Partnership in Production Sector Companies”, “For Creation and Development of Jobs in Production Companies”, “Best Company for Working Mothers”.

The year 2015 was marked by many significant events. In 2015, the Company fulfilled a key strategic task: PJSC MOESK organized and held events to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

Additionally, the Company organized and held events to commemorate the 95th anniversary of GOELRO Plan (Soviet plan for national economic recovery and development).

In order to create and maintain favorable conditions for self-education, self-development and adaptation of employees in the modern information society, PJSC MOESK implemented the project “Personal Area of Employee”.

In order to support and improve the personnel health and prevent diseases, the Company developed and implemented the project “Workplace Gymnastics” which already covers 7,362 people.

What is the main achievement of the year, in your opinion?

In my opinion, the main achievement in 2015 was expansion of employee categories who receive monthly meal allowance in the amount of 2 thous. rubles from 2015, which became possible due to optimization of social package. The following categories are eligible for allowance: workers, foremen and senior foremen of the Company.

What are your plans for 2016?

Our key objective is to ensure social stability of Company personnel, prevent social tension and social or labor disputes in the Company.

We will continue strengthening our social partnership and cooperation with Moscow Region Committee of “Elektroprofsoyuz” and Moscow City Committee of “Elektroprofsoyuz” to make sure the year 2016 is also marked by stability.

We will use our best efforts to fulfill the Company obligations under the Collective Bargaining Agreement, including Regulations on Non-Governmental Pension Fund, Regulations on Corporate Assistance and Corporate Support for Improvement of Living Conditions, Social Security Program (private health insurance, accident and disease insurance), organization of health-improving vocations for children, health resort treatment for employees and disadvantaged groups, medical services for non-working pensioners. We will also continue work on support of young employees and veterans.

In 2016, we plan to organize and hold events dedicated to 75th anniversary of commencement of the Great Patriotic War and Battle for Moscow.

We also plan to develop the project “Personal Area of Employee”.

We will gear our forces towards increase in the number of employees practicing fitness and sports on a regular basis, development of the projects “Workplace Gymnastics” and “PJSC MOESK Hockey Team”.

In the framework of its charitable program, PJSC MOESK will continue performance of the Agreement signed in 2015 with the governmental institution in Sevastopol “Family Support Center” on provision of assistance to the Sevastopol Orphanage.

PJSC MOESK has high level of social responsibility and implements special programs to increase the level of social security for its employees, create favorable conditions for well-balanced development and corporate solidarity of employees.

The objectives of the Company’s social policy are as follows: maintain the competitive advantages of PJSC MOESK in the labor market, retain qualified employees due to creation of additional social security means, attract young specialists, including graduates of educational institutions specializing in power sector, reduce the average personnel age, ensure sharing of experience with younger generation, provide social security for the Company’s veterans and maintain the occupational prestige.

Collective Agreement

The Collective Agreement is the main document which defines the social and labor relations between PJSC MOESK and the employees. In 2014, the new Collective Agreement of PJSC MOESK for 2015-2017 was prepared and signed. The agreement is applicable to all Company employees.

The agreement defines the structure of social compensations and allowances for various target groups, sets forth social compensations and payments for non-working pensioners, including those who were employed by the Company’s predecessors in electric grids market before retirement.

The Company’s social partners are Moscow Region Committee of “Elektroprofsoyuz” and Moscow City Committee of “Elektroprofsoyuz”. The share of trade union members in the Company is 63% of the total number of employees.

In compliance with the Collective Agreement, financial aid is provided to the Company employees in the following cases:

  • registration of marriage;
  • enrollment into the army;
  • for single parents — on September 1 (per each schoolchild);
  • in case of employee’s death at the workplace;
  • in case of employee disability due to the injury through the fault of the employer or due to occupational disease;
  • in connection with funeral of the Company employees or their relatives.

Social insurance programs

Private medical insurance for the personnel in 2015 was arranged under the contract with OJSC “SOGAZ”. Due to the private medical insurance programs, all the insured Company employees are entitled to timely and quality medical, health improving and disease preventing help.

All the Company employees are insured against injuries and diseases under the centralized contract with OJSC “AlfaStrakhovanie”

The subject of insurance was the property interests of the insured employees associated with harm to their lives and health due to accidents as well as diseases which were first diagnosed within the contract validity period.

Health resort treatment for employees, disadvantaged group, and health-improving vocations for children

In 2015, the health resort treatment for employees, social group, and health-improving vocations for children were organized by the Company in compliance with the Instructions on the Procedure for Procurement and Distribution of Vouchers for Health-Improving of the Employees’ Children, Employees, Disadvantaged Groups of PJSC MOESK approved by Order No. 1148 dated September 11, 2015.

Free vouchers were granted to:

  • employees — in accordance with the results of the mandatory periodic medical examination;
  • non-working pensioners of PJSC MOESK — once every two years maximum.
  • schoolchildren — for the period of summer break but no longer than 2 sessions in health-improving camps for children; for children with 1 parent only or disabled children — for the entire period of summer break.

Sports, fitness and health improvement events

Fitness and sports are an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle; therefore, promotion of regular sports activities among employees and their family members and creation of necessary conditions for practicing sports is a key task in the social policy of PJSC MOESK.

Every year, the Company organizes corporate Olympics between the teams of Company branches, subsidiaries and executive bodies. The participating teams compete in the following sports: cross-country skiing, shooting, tug of war, volleyball, track and field sports (cross-country, sprint, relay race), mini football, chess, swimming, ping-pong.

In 2015, in accordance with the overall team score, the results of the Olympics in PJSC MOESK were as follows:

I place
— Eastern Electric Network

II place
— Moscow Cable Networks

III place
— Western Electric Networks

In accordance with the results of this sports event, PJSC MOESK formed general corporate teams which participated in external sports competitions with other companies in the power sector. The Company’s team won prizes in ping-pong and mini football (2 and 3 places respectively) at the IV All-Russia Olympics of Workers on Poklonnaya Hill. The Company’s sports teams also participated in tournaments for the RF Ministry of Energy Cup in mini football and volleyball, chess tournament in the memory of M. M. Botvinnik (PJSC Russian Grids).

Over 230 fitness and sports events were organized in 2015, including Olympics within Company branches, sports events for families, health days, etc. The events were attended by over 2,000 employees. Training process of the Company’s hockey team is organized on a regular basis.

Workplace gymnastics is organized in the Company from October 1, 2014

April 29, 2015, the Company organized a cross-country race “In the Name of Victory!” dedicated to the 70th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War. The young employees of the Company competed with each other in the traditional paintball tournament “Profatack-2015” which was organized Moscow City trade union “Elektroprofsoyuz”.

Cultural events

PJSC MOESK organizes various cultural activities to increase the level of corporate culture, social attractiveness of employment by the Company, form a group of committed team players, maintain the image of PJSC MOESK as a single family of power sector workers, preserve and share traditions and build stronger corporate ties.

In accordance with the Program of Cultural Events, in 2015 PJSC MOESK held approximately 200 events attended by over 10,000 Company employees. The key cultural events of 2015: a complex of events dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945, 10th anniversary of the Company, Youth Day, IV Games of Humor Contest Club of PJSC MOESK employees, and creative contest for children “Inspiration”, VI PJSC MOESK Youth Forum. Children of Company employees — winners of the children drawing contest organized by PJSC MOESK — participated in the contest “Russian Grids: Drawings by Children”, which is traditionally organized before the anniversary of PJSC Russian Grids. In 2015, the contest theme was the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945. Special prizes in the category “A hero in every family” were awarded to Ekaterina Panevina (Moscow Cable Networks branch) and Irina Koroleva (“RETO” plant).

Youth programs

The program of social support for young employees — graduates with major in electric power disciplines has been in forced in the Company since 2013. The program includes a signing bonus, relocation compensation, personal allowance, corporate support for improvement of living conditions.

Improving of living conditions

From 2012, the Company has been guided by the Regulations on Improvement of Employees’ Living Conditions which provides for corporate support (compensation of apartment rent costs, compensation of monthly mortgage payments, subsidies) and corporate assistance.

The corporate assistance provides for low-interest mortgage loans granted by the partner banks or up to 10% discount from the apartment price offered by construction development company CJSC SU-155.

Pension support

From 2005, the Company has been guided by the Regulations on Non-Governmental Pension Schemes to attract and retain employees, boost their loyalty and social security. The regulations were approved by the Board of Directors (minutes No. 192 dated February 28, 2013).

The Non-Governmental Pension Scheme was introduced to ensure decent level of life for PJSC MOESK employees after retirement, create conditions for efficient resolution of HR issues associated with attraction, retention and motivation of personnel for effective work.

The Regulations on the NGPS provides for two main pension schemes: Corporate (financing on account of the Company) and Parity (joint financing with the Company employee).

In accordance with the Regulations on the NGPS for the Company employees, the Company shall provide the source of NGPS financing. The total amount of finances contributed to the NGPS shall be calculated in accordance with the Regulations and approved by the Board of Directors in the framework of the Company’s business plan.

The actual expenses on NGPS in 2015 amounted to 485.2 mln rubles, including 474.5 mln rubles on account of cost (programs “Manager” “Support”, “Professional”, “Parity Plan”), 10,7 mln rubles on account of profit (program “Veteran”).

One of the principles of NGPS: the amount of non-governmental pension depends on the amounts accumulated by the employee. The number of employees who joined the “Parity Plan” program as of 2015 was 6,121 people; the planned annual amount of Company contributions is 109 mln rubles.

Additionally, in 2015 the Company continued work on informing its employees (executives and all branches) about mandatory pension schemes.

Support of veterans

The employee database of PJSC MOESK includes records on 4,753 pensioners, including 4,074 nonworking pensioners, of whom: participants in the Great Patriotic War — 33, participants in the labor front force during the GPW — 157, underage prisoners of Nazi concentration camps — 10, residents of Leningrad during Blockade — 2. The Company adopted Regulations on compensations and other social payments to the Company veterans, participants in the GPW, labor front force. Medical care for the pensioners is organized. Veterans of PJSC MOESK have an extensive work experience and knowledge in the power sector and make their important contribution to raising and teaching young specialists, organization of mentorship, participate and events in cooperation with the Youth Councils.

Charitable and social programs

PJSC MOESK provides a long-term support for a number of important social initiatives such as support of specialized schools, orphanages, support of religious organizations, cultural and sports projects.

In 2015, the Company organized and held 4 campaigns in the framework volunteer initiative “Kind Heart”: by the International Donor Day — aid for rehabilitation of disabled child, for emergency response activities following the fire in the Republic of Khakassia, aid for governmental institution in Sevastopol “Family Support Center” for procurement of furniture, houseware, sports gear, and school uniform.

In the framework of its long-term obligations to provide support for the orphanage in Sevastopol, the Company signed Cooperation Agreement No. 200006-15-30762 dated September 1, 2015.

Personal Area of Employee

In 2015, the Company implemented the project “Personal Area of Employee” based on its corporate intranet portal.

To promote the project and inform the employees about possibilities and development prospects of this subsystem of the corporate portal, the Company organized 62 meetings with the employees in branch offices. Corresponding information and advertising materials were produced and distributed. For employees who do not have computers at their work places, general access work stations with information stands were organized. Statistics on utilization of “Personal Area of Employee” subsystem by the employees over 12 months of 2015: 15,229 counts. Due to the organized events, the number of subsystem use counts rose from 578 in January 2015 to 5,506 in December 2015.

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