Information for Shareholders and Investors

The Company’s authorized capital is equal to 24,353,545,787 rubles and is divided into 48,707,091,574 ordinary shares with 0.5 ruble par value each. In 2008, additional emission of ordinary shares was performed in connection with OJSC MOESK restructuring through consolidation of OJSC Moscow City Power Grid Company.

In accordance with the Company’s Articles of Association, the Company may issue 3,718,126 additional ordinary shares with 0.5 ruble par value each for the total amount of 1,859,063 rubles.

Information of Registered Issues of Shares

Public registration number of issue Date of public registration of issue Number of issued shares, ea. Par value, RUB Registration date of report on issue results
1-01-65116-D 31.05.2005 28 249 359 700 0.5 31.05.2005
1-01-65116-D-001D* 30.06.2008 20 457 731 874 0.5 31.07.2008

Structure of shareholding as of May 18, 2015 (date when the list of persons entitled to attend the annual General Meeting of Shareholders was prepared)

Structure of shareholding

Statistics on Shareholders. Stake in the equity capital, %

Shares on the Stock Market

Category Reporting years
Stock exchange CJSC MICEX Stock Exchange
Trading start date 03.02.2006
Quotation list First level from 09.06.2014 (А1 from 19.02.2009)
Ticker MSRS
Bloomberg code MSRS RX Equity, MSRS RU Equity, MSRS RM Equity

MICEX Trading Results

Category 2013 2014 2015 2015/2014
Minimum share price per year*, RUB 1.0950 0.8650 0.7430 - 14.10%
Maximum share price per year*, RUB 1.7771 1.4548 1.2250 - 15.80%
Closing prices on the last trading day of the year, RUB 1.389 1.250 0.750 - 40.00%
Average-weighted price as of the last trading session of the year, RUB 1.453 1.330 0.751 - 43.53%
Number of transactions per year, ea. 59,872 42,772 19,991 - 53.26%
Traded value per year:
RUB mln 6.447 8,793 250 - 97.16%
mln ea. 5.390 6,580 297 - 95.49%

Dynamics of Market Capitalization, RUB billion

Dynamics of Prices and Traded Value for PJSC MOESK Stock

Inclusion in Indexes

Index Index code Inclusion date Weight of shears in index, % 30.12.2015
2-tier stock index (in RUB) MICEXSC 16.09.2014 2.44
2-tier stock index (in USD) РТС-2 16.09.2014 2.44
Broad market index (in RUB) MICEX BMI 30.12.2011 0.04
Broad market index (in USD) RUBMI 31.12.2011 0.04
MICEX power stock index (in RUB) MICEX PWR 03.07.2006 2.61
RTS energy stock index (in RUB) RTSeu 15.09.2006 2.61

Dynamics of PJSC MOESK Stock Market value and Stock Indexes

1. 04.02.15. — The rating agency Expert RA (RAEX) upgraded the management quality ranking of MOESK to (Exceptionally high level of governance quality).

2. 03.03.15. — Accounting report according to the RAS. The net profit of OJSC MOESK for 2014 according to the RAS was 8.2 bln rubles.

3. 06.04.15. — Accounting report according to the IFRS. The Group’s profit in 2014 was 8.1 bln rubles, which is 58.52% lower than in 2013.

4. 08.04.15 — Moody’s confirmed the credit rating of OJSC MOESK at the level Ba2.

5. 06.05.15. - Accounting report according to the RAS. The net profit of OJSC MOESK for Q1 2015 was 2.4 bln rubles.

6. 22.05.15. — The Board of Directors of OJSC MOESK recommended to the annual General Meeting of Shareholders to pay dividends on the ordinary shares in the amount of 0.0422 ruble per share.

7. 24.07.15. — Accounting report according to the RAS. The net profit of PJSC MOESK for H1 2015 was 3.2 bln rubles.

8. 27.08.15. — Accounting report according to the IFRS. The profit of PJSC MOESK according to the IFRS for H1 2015 grew by 29.4% to 5.6 bln rubles.

9. 10.09.15. — The Company’s Board of Directors reviewed the program for Company capitalization increase.

10. 30.10.15. — Accounting report according to the RAS. The net profit of PJSC MOESK for 9 months of 2015 was 7.7 bln rubles, EBITDA was 28.4 bln rubles.

11. 11.12.15. — Analyst’s Day: the Company’s executives presented their assessment of operation in 2015 and perspectives of further development.

12. 11.12.15. — PJSC MOESK consolidated 100% of the authorized capital of its subsidiary OJSC “Energotsentr”.

13. 15.12.15. — the Board of Directors of PJSC MOESK approved the Business Plan including the investment program and information on the key operation risks for 2016.

Information on Dividends
(*Information on profit distribution in accordance with the resolutions of annual general meetings of shareholders (AGMS)

Category AGMS 2013 based on results of 2012 AGMS 2014 based on results of 2013 AGMS 2015 based on results of 2014
Volume of declared (accrued) dividends (total), including: 4,296 2,910 2,055
volume of paid dividends (RUB mln) 4,296 2,910 2,055
Share of dividend payments in net profit,% 25 25 25
Dividend per share, RUB 0.088201 0.05975 0.0422
Dividend yield, %1 5.85 4.11 3.17
For reference:      
Net profit 17,184 11,641 8,208
Market value2 1.5084 1.4530 1.330

Dividend Policy

The Company’s dividend policy shall ensure the financial interest of the shareholders, enhance the investment attractiveness of the Company and increase its market capitalization. The policy is based on the balance of Company interests and shareholder interests.

The Company’s dividend policy is governed by the Regulations on the Dividend Policy approved by the resolution of the Company’s Board of Directors dated September 2, 2010 (Minutes No. 114 dated September 3, 2010).

1 The dividend yield is calculated as ratio of dividend per share to market value of shares.
2 Market value as of the last trading session of the year according to

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