Glossary of Main Terms and Abbreviations

List of Main Abbreviations and Acronyms used in the Annual Report

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) company resource planning system combining all the company divisions and necessary functions in one computer system which services all the needs of such divisions
RAB (Regulatory Asset Base) method of tariff regulation based on return on invested capital
SAP software by German company SAP AG
Smart Grid smart grid technology
AIIS KUE automated measuring and information system for electric power fiscal metering
ACS BO automated control system for business operations
OPL overhead power line
FOL fiber optic lines
EGMS extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders
AGMS annual General Meeting of Shareholders
GRES state-owned regional power plant (historic term)
SCC subsidiary and controlled companies
Uniform (boiler) tariff price (tariff) for electric power transmission services used for settlements with service consumers (excluding grid companies) located in the corresponding constituent entity of the RF and belonging to a group (category) which is subject to differentiation of tariffs for electric energy (power) in accordance with the RF law, regardless of the electric grid company to which they are connected (unless otherwise stipulated by the RF Government resolution)
Interested party (stakeholder) In the broad sense: a group of individuals or legal entities capable of impacting the company activities or depending on the company activities. In the narrow sense: public authorities and local self-governing authorities, commercial companies, social and non-commercial organizations and units (including informal) position of which in relation to the Company activities is publicly expressed and aimed at protection of socially significant and group interests.
IT Information Technologies
OCL overhead cable line
CL cable line
KPI Key Performance Indicators
TPL Transmission power line
IDGC Interregional Distribution Grid Company
Russian Ministry of Energy Russian Federation Ministry of Energy
MICEX Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange
Moscow RDU Regional dispatch unit of energy system in Moscow and Moscow Region — branch of OJSC System Operator of the Unified Power System
IFRS International Financial Reporting Standards
VAT Value Added Tax
RDED Research, development and experimental design activities
R&D Research and development activities
WGC Wholesale generating company
FWP fall/winter period
FCL fault current limiter
pp percentage point
para paragraph
SS station rated for 35 kV and above
Consumers consumers of electric power which have their electrical installations connected to electric grids of electric grid company via the electric installations of generating company. Consumers pay for electric power transmission services in accordance with the established tariff rate for electric power maintenance.
DSA design and survey activities
SHW software & hardware complex
RAS Russian Accounting Standards
RTS Russian Trading System
REC Regional Energy Committee
PGR Power Grids Region
Global Reporting Initiative, GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines by Global Reporting Initiative which define the principles which determine the report content and ensure reporting data quality; standard reporting elements which consist of effectiveness indicators in the field of economic, environmental, social impact of the organization, approach to impact management and other characteristics as well as recommendations on specific report technicalities.
CAD Computer-Aided Design
MM mass media
SSIC self-supporting insulated conductors
TGC Territorial Generating Company
M&R maintenance and repair
TC technological connection
R&R retrofit and revamp
LGO Local Grid Operator
TS Technical Specifications
FEC Fuel and Energy Committee
CHP Combined heat and power plant
FAS of Russia Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia
FCSM Federal Commission for Securities Market (since August 2004 — FSFM of Russia)
GFC of UES of Russia Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System of Russia
FSFM Federal Financial Markets Service (liquidated on September 1, 2013, the functions were assigned to the Financial Markets Service within the Bank of Russia)
FTS Federal Tariffing Service
CSC Client service center

Units of Measurement

ha hectare
kV kilovolt
MW megawatt
GW gigawatt
kVA kilovolt-amperes
MVA megavolt-ampere
kW•h kilowatt-hour
km kilometer
kop. kopeck
MW•h megawatt-hour
mln million
bln billion
RUB ruble
t ton
ref.fuel reference fuel
c.u. reference unit
ea. pieces

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